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How can I get Sliding mosquito net size?

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In order to protect your house from flies or insects in summer temperatures, you want to have a sliding mosquito net instead of closing your door/window. But what should be the dimensions of the mosquito net you want to have on the door / window of your house? Very simple. Let’s start..

How can I get a sliding mosquito net size?

How to take the size of the sliding fly screen? Let’s explain briefly.

1. Let’s open the door or window that we want to measure.

2. Measure the height and width in meters from the points on the inner hinge corner of the window.

3. You can send the dimensions directly to us by specifying the color.

Thus, when you place your order, you give the color and dimensions and your order is prepared. You create the order in dimensions that are 100% compatible with your door or window.

If you wish, you can watch our video on how to measure the mosquito net door / window.



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