Pet Mesh Screen

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  • Assembled Product
  • High density and strength, protect pets from falling out of windows
  • Hinged system
  • Reliable and safe protection, no hurt to your pets
  • Used in summer and winter – the whole years
  • Durability material – resistant to rain, sun and fire.
  • Easy maintenance – easy to clean with water
  • Your orders are produced in special sizes and shipped quickly and safely. Free shipping (3 – 7 days)


Pet Mesh Screen – How To Make A Pet Mesh Screen

Pet Mesh Screen is designed to fit over most standard dog door openings. It’s made of durable steel mesh that allows air flow while preventing insects, small rodents, and other pests from entering your home.

The most basic use of our product, which is called cat fly screen, is to prevent our pets from escaping outside the house and falling through openings such as balconies and windows. Ordinary mosquito nets in the market can be opened with a small move. For many pets, this move is not difficult at all. When the perishable material used in classical mosquito nets is added to the risk posed by this situation, pets break the mosquito nets even if they cannot open them.

Pet Mesh Screen
Pet Mesh Screen

Contrary to the general belief that cats will not fall from a window or balcony, this risk is always present in all cats. Even if your cat has not fallen on the window or balcony many times, there is no guarantee that one day it will not fall. Steel wire cat fly screen is the best solution to prevent such problems. In the steel cat fly screen option, mosquito nets are produced using galvanized wire. In this way, the possibility of cats breaking the mosquito net is prevented.

Steel cat mosquito net material not only limits the safety of cats, but also acts as a standard mosquito net and prevents pests from entering the space you use. In this respect, it is possible to say that it is an advantageous option in all respects.

For those who only want to use mosquito nets to prevent their pet from falling, we also have options for cat mosquito nets with eye gaps. Although these options do not prevent the entry of flies and insects due to their eye cavities, they are often preferred because they allow pets to watch outside without compromising their safety.


How Do You Install A Pet Mesh Screen?

Installing a Pet Mesh Screen is simple. First, measure the opening where you plan to install the screen. Then, cut the screen to size using scissors. Next, slide the screen into place and secure with screws. Finally, make sure the screen fits snugly against the frame so that no gaps remain.

Additional information


White, Anthracite gray, Anodized gray, Black, Grey, Brown

Product Types

Hinged System

Product Material


Product Thickness

4 cm.

Installation Status

Mounted Product

Shipping Process

3 – 7 days

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