Mosquito Net Ventilation

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  • Assembled Product
  • Pests, pests, etc. from outside. (Fly, grasshopper.. ) 100% protects ; It is resistant to dust and sun.
  • Hinged Door System
  • It is made of 4 cm aluminum thick stainless profile and fiberglass tulle. It is convenient and easy to clean.
  • It is a translucent synthetic non-slip frame that attaches easily and quickly to doors. It is a product that you can easily install.
  • Your orders are produced in special sizes and shipped quickly and safely. Free shipping (3-7 days)


Ventilations, which provide air exchange between indoor and outdoor environments with their wide channels, help you to create a healthy and spacious living space. Ventilation equipment with rounded or angular designs minimizes the risks caused by dangerous gases and indoor pollutants. With the installation of ventilations, you can provide better ventilation in your rooms, and you can easily eliminate problems such as humidity and bad odor in closed areas.

Ventilations, which are among the most basic ventilation elements, help to ensure air circulation in closed environments. For the comfort, safety and health of the residents, the rooms must be constantly ventilated and the polluted air must be replaced with fresh air. Ventilations, which are ideal equipment for natural air exchange, allow air cleaning through a small hole without opening windows or doors. Ventilations, which are located in hard-to-reach places such as walls, window edges and chimney outlets, make it easy for you to constantly renew the air in your rooms without creating a security risk, thanks to their small dimensions.

High oxygen and fresh air are needed for the operation of heating devices such as natural gas stove, combi boiler and water heater. Natural gas heaters placed in rooms such as kitchens, closed balconies, bathrooms and cellars must regularly receive fresh air in order not to consume the air in the room. Semi-open type ventilations connected to glass or wall enable air exchange to be carried out in a practical way. Large ventilations with filters can be used in places such as toilets and bathrooms that do not have direct access to the outside. Ventilations can also be used to remove moisture and bad odors in the kitchen.

ventilations to be used in internal environments; It can be preferred among different color options such as white, gray, satin, brown, black and metallic. Translucent panels, patterned ventilations and top-opening ventilation units add an aesthetic appearance to your bathrooms. You can easily open and close the large-scale ventilations arm apparatus, which you can mount directly on the ventilation ducts, according to your wishes. WC, bathroom and warehouse etc. It is a type of product that you can easily use in places.

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White, Anthracite gray, Anodized gray, Black, Brown


Horizontal, Vertical

Product Types


Product Material


Product Thickness

4 cm.

Installation Status

Mounted Product

Shipping Process

3 – 7 days

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  1. Laura

    Bonjour, est-il possible de faire le montage seul ou avec l’aide d’une autre personne ? Merci

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